These Greek men are…
 powerful
 passionate
 prepared to marry!
Aleksi–at least until she had his wedding ring on her finger…
Ana had secretly hoped her marriage of convenience to Luc Dimitriades would turn into the real thing, yet one year after taking their vows he still seemed susceptible to his mistress. Ana knew she had to leave and fought to resist his passion but Luc knew she was carrying his child…
Hot-blooded tycoon Jace Dimitriades knows that women find him irresistible–and Rebekah's no exception. So how come all he's getting from her is the cold shoulder? Jace will show Rebekah that he's different, but it seems the only way is to play his ace–and propose!
About the author
Helen Bianchin was encouraged by a friend to write her own romance novel and she hasn’t stopped writing since! Helen’s interests include a love of reading, going to the movies, and watching selected television programs. She also enjoys catching up with friends, usually over a long lunch! A lover of animals, especially cats, she owns two beautiful Birmans. Helen lives in Australia with her husband. Their three children and four grandchildren live close by.



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