The following slight studies dealing with certain dream problems have been written from a series of notes, in which dreams and certain experiments in dreaming have been more or less regularly recorded during a long period of years. If it is asked what they have to offer that is new on a subject on which so much has been already written, the answer must be that we are even now only at the beginning of this study, that many problems concerning dreams and concerning the border state that lies between sleeping and waking are still to be solved, and that some of these have as yet hardly been touched on at all in the literature of dreams. There are many aspects of these questions which can only be very imperfectly dealt with by an unscientific observer whose want of technical knowledge is a grave disadvantage in writing on a subject to which so much learning has been devoted, yet I believe that there is room in this fascinating study not only for the philosopher and the psychologist, but also for the xxvii unlearned but faithful recorder of personal experience. Our dreams are the most individual of all our experiences, and we each approach them from a separate standpoint of our own. 
This classic includes the following chapters: 
I. Introductory 
II. Dream Control 
III. Flying Dreams 
IV. Dream Recording 
V. Dream Memory, Dream Imagination and Dream Reason 
VI. The “Super-Dream” 
VII. Symbolism in Dreams and the Significance of Dreams In Tradition 
VIII. Dream Places 
IX. Dream Construction 
X. Sense Impressions in Dreams 
XI. Borderland State 
XII. Borderland State 
XIII. The Actors in Dreams 
XIV. Moral Sense in Dreams



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