The Billionaire Brothers Kent, Book 2 of 4 - Rafe's Story 
Anya Petersen has always been described as gentle, understanding and quiet. The last thing she'd be called is a bully. But when a certain handsome stranger walks into her life her defense instincts go into overdrive and she does whatever it takes to protect her heart - by keeping him far away from her. Then he turns up in the last place she would expect - and that's when she knows, where the battle for her heart is concerned, she's already lost the fight. 
Rafe Kent is so entranced by the German beauty he meets while touring Europe that he will do anything it takes to be with her, even if it means moving halfway across the world. But there's no way he could have known that getting close to the woman who's stolen his heart would mean he'd need a crash course in handling tiny tots...and fast!



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