Dominic Clancy, mysterious billionaire patron of the art gallery where Pilar works, wants to whisk her off to a secluded Caribbean island. It's a modeling assignment, he says. Strictly business. Should she throw caution to the winds and plunge into this new adventure?
Pilar doesn't need complications. For one thing her crazy ex, Ramon, wants her back—and she always takes him back. For another, her psychic grandmother warns her to stay away from "el diablo," a powerful, evil man she sees in visions.
Is the reclusive billionaire the sinister man who haunts her grandmother's dreams? Or is Abuelita simply the victim of an old woman's superstitious fears?
Set in Miami and on a tropical island retreat, the story contains graphic sex scenes, bondage, mystery, sibling rivalry, betrayal, revenge--and romance.
29,000 word erotic romance novella. 
Nicole Zahara is the author of erotic romance and erotica titles across the multicultural, interracial and historical spectrum.



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