Millions of plants live well without human help.
Indeed, millions of plants live so well that people call them weeds.
Indoor plants can oxygenate and clean the indoor air of toxins.
Dry and deodorize a damp house and air.
Flowers, such as Boronia, can beautifully scent your home.
Succulents, "cacti without prickles", like Aloe Vera and other Aloes, Echeverias, Hawothias, Mesembryanthemums, Sedums and Sempervivums – grow easily indoors on a sunny windowsill.
Exotics Without Watering;
Choosing Plants;
Easy Flower Gardening;
Flowers You Can Eat;
Easy Food Growing;
Fruit, Herbs, Edible Weeds;
Weed And Feed;
Breeding Plants;
Keeping Vegetables Fresh – The Fruit Shop Garden;
Indoor Gardening;
Pest-Proof Plants;
Preventing Diseases;
Plants That Do Not Need Watering And Feeding While On Holidays;
Potting Mixtures;
Cleaning The Air In Bedrooms;
Planting Indoor Plants Out In Your Garden;
Also Includes The Health Hazards Of 100% Plant [Vegan] Diets.



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