When a plane takes off from Minneapolis Minnesota in 2014 and crashes 2064 the survivors learn:
Nuclear war has destroyed the world they knew.
Plague has reduced the female population to a precious few and every woman is worth her weight in gold.
Werewolves are more than just stories, and they want mates.
Rising country music star Carla was on that plane. When it crashes in an unfamiliar post-apocalyptic future, she finds herself offered as prize in a Bride Fight. With women so rare, only the strongest and fiercest men are allowed to fight to win a wife. Alpha wolf Taye knows Carla is his mate. Other men can try to beat him, but failure is not an option for him. He wins the Bride Fight and takes his mate to his den, ready to give her everything, even his heart. Will Carla ever be ready to give him anything?



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Kein Eintrag