Great Design Begins With Colour - Every Time! Learn The Secrets Of Colour From An Architect And Interior Designer With Over A Decade Of Industry Experience.An in-depth understanding of colour is one of the most useful and important assets to a visual professional. Start creating the best possible design outcome through exceptional colour understanding, coordination and application.
"Thorough: from the bottom to the top. This book broadened my mind. In a word: Awesome!" - Andrew Bushard
Providing designers and visual professionals with everything they need to become true, confident colourists.
You’ll Learn
1.An in-depth understanding of colour
2.How to vastly increase design quality through colour selection
3.How to work successfully with colour
4.How to apply colour principals to art and design
5.Understand colour mixing in any given scenario
6.How to apply colour psychology to design outcomes
7.How to select colour effectively based on colour theory
8.How to choose the right colours to use to for the given application
9.How to create the best possible colour coordination
... and much, much more!
Take action now by taking this course and claim your most important asset to your design career.



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