For six months, Ember has been working as the personal chef and live-in housekeeper for the handsome billionaire Blake Anson. All around, it’s a great situation, but she can’t keep the fantasies she nurtures about her boss from slipping in to her mind from time to time. She’s resolved herself to the fact that it’ll never happen, though, and she’s prepared to keep those fantasies in her mind. 
When Blake announces that he’s taking a month-long vacation, he insists that Ember treat this like a vacation of her own. After all, he’s well aware of her tireless efforts to keep his home in order. Ember is looking forward to a little time off. 
Ember’s vacation is cut short, though, when Blake’s twin brother, Blaine, shows up on a motorcycle and tells her that he’ll be staying at his brother’s house. Not that Ember entirely minds, though. He’s every bit as stunning as his brother. But how will Ember stand up against the fantasies she has about this bad-boy version of her boss? Will Ember be able to deflect his advances and maintain her sense of propriety?



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Kein Eintrag