Saving the human race proves to be far more difficult than he could ever have imagined. Mike Hurst, a former Army Sergeant, is thrust into a role that should be handled by someone use to dealing with major military organizations and politicians.
His new alien friend, Jonelle, is certain that he is more than capable, especially after he is upgraded with some very unique abilities. He is now able to communicate to other upgraded people, without speaking; and his mind can handle hundreds of complicated tasks simultaneously. Also, there is a great deal of self confidence to be had by possessing three times the strength of a normal human being.
Mike knows that he must recruit good people. Jonelle urges him to pursue other old combat vets, who will be upgraded and brought into the warrior class. But Mike realizes, while that is important, perhaps of greater impact would be the recruitment of senior military leaders, such as an old General, whom he hated.
He begins to build a staff, by kidnapping the old General, as well as one of his men from Iraq and his badly injured son and daughter-in-law. They would form the first members of his staff. Yet, in spite of small, awkward successes, he fears their progress is far too slow and nothing mankind can do will prevent the complete destruction of the human race.



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