The Empath, or highly sensitive, artistic, intuitive person, wants bonded, happy family relationships, a soul mate partnership, and a career involving her creativity.  Yet many times the Empath becomes caught in lose-lose situations in both her relationships and her career.  In this book learn how to unravel the most common binds for Empaths that can form in relationships, in creative endeavors, and in the development of intuitive gifts.  
This book describes the Empath as an Enneagram Archetype, or Type Four.  Also covered are other common Empaths, including the Empathic Hero, the Sensitive Scientist, and the Giving Persona.  Elaine describes how to use shamanic techniques to move past fears and blocks around creativity, and how Empaths need more self-care than others.  She also describes the typical relationship Empaths tend to have with their parents, and how Empaths can move past that old programming so they create the relationships they desire.
The author, Elaine La Joie, has spent ten years as a shaman and certified life coach specifically helping Empaths with their personal transformation so they can create happier, more fulfilled lives and relationships.  Motivations of the Empath is the third in the series, Empath as Archetype, in which Elaine shows her clients how overarching patterns common to Empaths can change using shamanic perspectives and healing techniques.
Other volumes in this series:  The Empath and the Drama Triangle, The Empath and Shamanic Energy Work, The Empath and Shadow Work, and The Empath and the Fan-Hero Family System.  Each volume builds on the previous volumes.  Visit Elaine's website at for more resources for Empaths.



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