The Discipleship book series trilogy is packed full of Biblical inspiration, life-changing insights and practical instruction – to enable us to love God more wholeheartedly, to serve Him more effectively, to obey Him more consistently, to worship Him more faithfully.
Putting Feet to Your Faith, the Discipleship Handbook and Practical Discipleship deal with the most important issues possible. There is nothing more important than God and our relationship to Him. This is what really, ultimately matters – that we know God and that we make Him known.
The author, Missionary, Dr. Peter Hammond draws from over three decades of dramatic and varied experiences, Evangelising in conflict situations throughout Africa and Eastern Europe. From the Revivals in Romania and KwaZulu, to the Killing fields of Mozambique, to the war in Angola, to Bible smuggling behind the communist Iron Curtain and ministry behind the lines of the war in Sudan, in the 10/40 Window, across the Nuba Mountains, an island of Christianity in the sea of Islam, come the insights in these life transforming books with vibrant and compelling challenges.
You will be rebuked and encouraged, burdened and blessed, as these books help you to apply the Lordship of Christ to all areas of life. Your life will be transformed as you launch out in the exhilarating adventure of Discipleship – Putting Feet to your Faith!



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