“The Caspian Price” is a historical novel about an Armenian boy who moves from his village to Tehran in mid-1939s. The Story takes place in Persia. The chronological borders of the story: 1933-1977.
The Iranian-Armenians have been very influential and active in the modernization of Iran during the XIX and XX centuries. After the Iranian Revolution, many Armenians emigrated to Armenian Diaspora in the USA and Western Europe. The Armenians have always been Iran's largest Christian religious minority. Despite their cultural Armenian identity in Iran, no sizeable numbers of Iranian-Armenians hold Armenian citizenship. It is commonly noted that, due to their migration to the Persian Empire many centuries ago and being native to northwestern Iran, Armenians of Iran have culturally assimilated with their Persian compatriots in a very noticeable way and have adopted a number of their traditions while simultaneously keeping their distinct Christian and Armenian faith and traditions.
In this settings our hero’s character develops.



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