Mystery, Humor, Romance—a Christmas story about a man who gives too much
When nine-year-old Tom Newton is saved from icy death by a stranger who disappears into the night, the story captures public attention. The tabloid Star eventually  identifies the unknown hero as a wealthy, reclusive publisher, Owen Adair.
Sara Newton wants nothing more than to thank her son’s rescuer from the bottom of her heart. The Star wants that too, as long as they have an exclusive. Managing to elude the press, Sara eventually meets Tom’s rescuer, and discovers he has a poor opinion of his impulsive action. But he has troubles of his own, and Sara is more than happy to help him because of his brave act—until he does something that turns her gratitude to anger.
Thanks to the media, Sara and Owen find their names inextricably linked. Sara must solve the mystery of a man with a host of friends who never see him, while Owen grapples with the knowledge that Sara dislikes the best thing about him.
Set during the Christmas season, Owen’s Day is the story of a man who gives too much, and the family and city who insist on thanking him. Along the way it explores the value of risk-taking as a catalyst for human progress.



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