Whether you plan to serve a simple meal or go extremely elaborate, there is something in this cookbook for you. The international flare that the recipes add to your cooking is what you really need to wow your guests and family. You can choose to go for the familiar dishes or a complete traditional dish that will leave them speechless.
In this book, you will find recipe favorites that will bring elegance to your table. You have everything you need ranging from appetizers and soups to seafood and meat dishes which completes your collection of ideas to astound your guests. Since we are on the topic of creating a lasting impression, this would be a good time to mention the fun ideas that are included in the book to help you dress up your meals. You would want to browse the salad and side dish sections for a variety of ideas such as sweet, couscous or tropical salads, herbal potatoes, coconut or green rice, rice sticks and much more.
Lastly, it is important to mention that creativity is a major factor for successful cooking and is greatly encouraged to ensure that we are transforming the perception of cooking from boring or intimidating to exciting and fun. There is an interesting selection of dishes like creamy shrimp, grilled pepper fish, peanut butter chicken, tasty mango chicken, spinach soup, goat melt, creamy lamb stew and mouth-watering grilled pork just to highlight a few. This book encourages the introduction of innovation in both the food preparation and presentation which will transform your simple home-cooked meals into unusual menus suitable for all occasions. Whether you are a novice or experienced cook or your taste is exclusive or simple, there is something in this book for everyone and for every season.



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