This cookbook has been developed under the influence of many accredited Doctors and Specialists guiding me on the correct path to help kids suffering from Anorexia Nervosa. 
Be careful to read the contents of this book carefully to minimise potential hazards, dangers and / or negative complication between foods and the mind of an Anorexia sufferer. 
I have included the use of Visual, Auditory and Written aspects during this production processes of this product to enhance creativity, motivation and co-operation from the sufferer and their support systems. 
I believe I have analysed and evaluated all methods, ingredients, quantities and techniques for ALL recipes to ensure both maximum recovery rates and prevention of relapse. 
Ensure to read the ‘notes’ sections when the patient begins to show confidence and a drive for experimentation. Motivate and encourage correct substitutions to dishes to increase the positivity between groupings of food and the thought processes / body imaging complications of Anorexia Patients. 
Inside you will find not only recipes from major categories but also ways to help mentally prepare for The Road to Recovery.



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