Mistress – by royal appointment!
Prince Rafiq de Couteveille believes Alexa Considine to be a money-hungry mistress, and using her to avenge his sister’s death will be sheer pleasure… Lexie can’t understand why she’s attracted the attention of the Crown Prince of Moraze – she just wants a quiet holiday.
But Rafiq is hard to resist, and soon Lexie finds herself bedded by royalty. But to Rafiq’s horror and shame Lexie is a virgin! Out of duty and honour, he must propose!
About the author
As a child books took Robyn Donald to places far away from her village in Northland, New Zealand. Then, as well as becoming a teacher, marrying and raising two children, she discovered romances and read them voraciously. So much she decided to write one. When her first book was accepted by Harlequin she felt she’d arrived home. Robyn still lives in Northland, using the landscape as a setting for her work. Her life is enriched by friends she’s made among writers and readers.



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