Penny Jordan needs no introduction as arguably the most recognisable name writing for Mills & Boon. We have celebrated her wonderful writing with a special collection, many of which for the first time in eBook format and all available right now.
His honour left him no choice.
Sienna had been swept off her feet by the handsome, powerful Greek, Alexis Stefanides. "I shall imprint myself on your heart and body so that you will never forget me, " he'd said once he'd won her heart. She'd been chosen–not for love–but in vengeance for the wrong he believed her brother had done his sister.
Too late the truth came out-too late to save Sienna's whole world from exploding in pain. Still deep in shock, Sienna found herself married to Alexis–with her mind instinctively fearful of her body's intimate cravings ….
About the author
After reading a serialized Mills & Boon book in a magazine, Penny Jordan quickly became an avid fan! Her goal, when writing romance fiction, is to provide readers with an enjoyment and involvement similar to that she experienced from her early reading – Penny believes in the importance of love, including the benefits and happiness it brings. She works from home, in her kitchen, surrounded by four dogs and two cats, and welcomes interruptions from her friends and family.



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