He's bedded her…but will he wed her?
Catherine can't believe her late landlady has left the manor to workaholic Zach Talent! He may be handsome, but he makes it perfectly clear that he was Catherine off his new property. However, their stormy encounter arouses passion of another kind–and soon she's sharing his bed!
But despite the explosive desire between them, Zach insists that this must be a no-strings affair. Catherine knows that she's in love with the man who exists beneath Zach's tough exterior…and to be his mistress is better than to be nothing to him at all….
About the author
Childhood in Portsmouth meant grubby knees, flying pigtails and happiness for Sara Wood. Poverty drove her from typist and seaside landlady to teacher till writing finally gave her the freedom her Romantic blood craved. Happily married, she has two handsome sons; Richard is married, calm, dependable, drives tankers, Simon is a roamer – silversmith, roofer, welder, always with beautiful girls. Sara lives in the Cornish countryside. Her glamorous writing life alternates with her passion for gardening which allows her to be carefree and grubby again!



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