Single city girl…
Cake-baker Tilly is taking part in a charity job-swap, and when she’s paired with maverick ex-military chief executive Campbell Sanderson, they get off to a rather sticky start… Rugged billionaire tycoon… Campbell is all hard angles to Tilly’s cosy curves – it’s the winning that counts for him, and it’s clear Tilly will need her hand held every step of the way… Whirlwind wedding wish!
Despite himself, something about Tilly always coaxes a smile. But he refuses to be tempted, no matter how bright and bubbly she is! That’s before they share a show-stopping kiss…
About the author
Jessica Hart had a haphazard early career that took her around the world in a variety of interesting but very lowly jobs, all of which have provided inspiration on which to draw when it comes to the settings and plots of her stories. She eventually stumbled into writing as a way of funding a PhD in medieval history, but was quickly hooked on romance and is now a full-time author based in York. If you’d like to know more about Jessica, visit her website:



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