From the best-selling Easy Piano Collection Gold, a series featuring the greatest classical composers arranged for easy solo piano, Chopin Gold presents a selection of the greatest masterpieces by Frederic Chopin.
The digital edition contains both sheet music and full audio tracks demonstrating how each piece should be performed.
The works included are:
- Ballade No.1 In G Minor Op.23
- Barcarolle Op.60
- Berceuse Op.57
- Cantabile In Bb Major
- Chorale From Nocturne Op.37 No.1
- Etude No.3 Op.10
- 'Fantaisie' Impromtu Op.66 No.4
- 'Funeral March' From Sonata No.2 Op.35
- Largo In Eb Major Op. Posth. 
- Mazurka Op.67 No.2
- Mazurka Op.68 No.2
- Mazurka Op.7 No.5
- Nocturne In Eb Major Op.9 No.2
- Nocturne In G Minor Op.15 No.3
- Piano Concerto No.1 Op.11 (2nd Movement: Romance) 
- Polonaise In A Major 'Militaire' Op.40 No.1
- Polonaise Op.53
- Prelude In A Major 'The Polish Dance' Op.28 No.7
- Prelude In Bb Major 'Sunday' Op.28 No.21
- Prelude In C Minor 'Funeral March' Op.28 No.20
- Prelude In Db Major 'Raindrop' Op.28 No.15
- Prelude In E Minor 'Suffocation' Op.28 No.4
- Sonata No.1 In C Minor Op.4 (2nd Movement: Menuetto And Trio) 
- Waltz In A Minor 'Brillante' Op.34 No.2
- Waltz In Ab Major 'Farewell' (Posthumous) Op.69 No.1
- Waltz In Db Major 'Minute' Op.64 No.1



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