Dr. Dev Fillmore can’t help but admire the slender legs of the sexy little blonde who shows up in the ER with a sprained ankle. It’s going above and beyond to make sure she gets home safely, but he has an intense urge to take care of her. When he later sees Tori at a charity event, her crutches an unusual accessory to her ball gown, he’s even more attracted to her. He’s sure they're meant to be together.
Tori’s not so certain. Dev is younger than her, and she’s given up ever finding a man who can give her what she needs. Her career is all about solving problems, making decisions and being in charge, but in the bedroom she likes to give up control. But the attraction between them is powerful, and she succumbs to Dev’s persistent charm.
When Tori reveals what she really wants in bed, now Dev’s not sure he has it in him to give that to her. Tori thinks he does.
It’s a power struggle.
This steamy older-woman, younger-man romance about an experienced submissive and a new, caring Dom is a stand-alone novel with a happily-ever-after. You can follow Tori and Dev’s story in Power Play and Power Shift, also available now!



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