If you’re looking for e-books on YouTube and if you like women superhero’s like
Captain Marvel and just comic superhero's in general then you need to check this out because this has got to be one of the best books on youtube !! This could be the next epic captain marvel superhero movie!!
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Little Robin Diane has battled illnesses her entire life and continues to struggle to find her purpose in the small town of Davilla Texas. Through unseen events Robin is casted into a world where thousands of people dwell in sickness. Men who are called the Swine are order by their king La Cinder to overtake the people and devour their hope of healing. Robin soon discovers that she is the savior to the people according to their prophecy. La Cinder and his men capture Robin and use her to discourage and shake the foundation of the people but unbeknownst to them Robin has led an entire army waiting in the wings for the right moment to attack.



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