Michele Watling is running but no one knows that. The residents of Blackheart Point, Maine think she is there to be the new curator of their humble little Lighthouse Museum. Michele is just glad to be free. She is excited about her new life in Maine and can’t wait to start her new job. Her new friend and realtor, Betsy, has a surprise for her. Moving into the Lighthouse on her first day, Michele learns from Betsy that the museum comes with a resident ghost.
Sam the Blackheart, a pirate from the 17the century has taken up residence waiting on his long lost love from years gone by. He died in a shipwreck on his way to bring his love back from a forced marriage in London.
When Michele finds a portrait of Sam’s lost love and sees that it looks exactly like her, things begin to get exciting. Sam, the sexy pirate ghost, makes his first appearance and Michele can't believe she's not terrified. In fact, she thinks he's pretty sexy. Is she crazy to fall in love with a ghost?



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