Create Thriving, High-Performing Teams and Organizations with Scrumban
Scrumban allows you to use Kanban as a catalyst for increasingly valuable changes to your existing software development processes, amplifying and expanding upon Scrum’s benefits. Now, there’s a definitive guide to Scrumban that explains what it is (and isn’t), how and why it works, and how to use it to improve both team and organizational performance.
Comprehensive, coherent, and practical, The Scrumban [R]Evolution will help you incrementally apply proven Lean/Agile principles to get what matters most: pragmatic, bottom-line results. Pioneering Scrumban coach Ajay Reddy clarifies Scrumban’s core concepts and principles, and illuminates their application through real-life examples. He takes you from the absolute basics through sustainable adoption, and from choosing metrics to advanced forecasting and adaptive management.
Whatever your role in the organization, this essential guide liberates you to tailor Kanban systems based on your unique challenges–and to solve delivery problems and improvement stagnation you haven’t been able to solve with Scrum alone.
Discover how Scrumban can help you reignite stalled Agile initiativesClarify crucial relationships between purpose, values, and performanceQuickly develop shared understanding in and across teamsUse Scrumban to better manage Product Owner/Customer expectationsImprove the rollout of Scrum in any team using ScrumbanUse Scrumban and let real improvements spread with least resistanceUse the right metrics to gain insight, track progress, and improve forecastingTake advantage of Scrumban’s advanced capabilities as you gain experienceDevelop leaders to successfully guide your Agile initiativesIntegrate modeling to reliably refine your forecasting and decision-making



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