Sometimes the heart needs a different kind of saving... find out if Charity Thompson will find a way of saving forever in this hospital setting Romance by Lexy Timms
Charity and Elijah have hit their stride. Now both doctors, they live a busy life but have the perfect family. Jamie Lynn is a lively two year old whom they both adore. There is also Elijah’s mother, Margaret, and Charity’s father, Dr. Scott Thompson. Who says love and passion don’t happen after sixty?
Charity is about to learn that with life, even when you have everything; change is inevitable.
A new position at the hospital causes her to doubt herself, and a near tragedy involving Jamie are only the start of the obstacles Elijah and Charity must overcome.
Will love be enough to carry them through? Or will the hear need a different kind of saving?
** This is NOT Erotica. It's Romance and a love story. **
* This is Part 1 of 6 *



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