Trinity develops an elaborate plan to get Slade to rethink their divorce. She knows the only way to get him back is to seduce him. Whenever they’re intimate, Slade can’t close his heart off to her. For him, it’s impossible. But she needs the help of Cayson and Arsen to make it happen.
Sean has an interview with a reporter, and when he learns that the press knows Roland is gay it complicates his life. His company and reputation are on the line. But what will Sean do? Will he stand by his son and support him? Or will he put his company first?
Conrad is happy with Lexie, and he begins to fall harder for her. Expensive gifts and tender words of love are always directed at her. When Mike pressures Conrad to seal the deal and get down on one knee, Conrad says he’s not ready for it. And when he mentions she’s infertile, Mike’s attitude completely changes. 
Cayson and Skye hear back from the realtor, but the news isn’t good.



Keine Bewertung


Kein Eintrag